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Last Updated: 2015-02

Matric Results

Top Achievers

Once again Springs Girls’ High School has achieved a 100% pass
for the 19
th consecutive year. The class of 2014 also managed a
78,4% University endorsement. Thanks to the entire teaching staff for their dedication and commitment which brought our girls to this success. Congratulations, girls, on your sterling effort!

The top achievers were:

7 Distinctions:

A. Bouwman

J. van der Merwe

6 Distinctions:

G. Raath

T. Bismilla

R. Soobramoney

5 Distinctions:

N. Kodisang

4 Distinctions:

K. Ngwenya

S. Ramburrum

J. Smit

W. Snyders

12 of our girls obtained 3 distinctions each

5 obtained 2 distinctions each

12 obtained 1 distinction each.

The total number of distinctions for the group was 111.

8 of our matriculants obtained an average above 80%

Congratulations to the outstanding class of 2014!